iOS 16 & Co: Public Beta startet

Apple begins public beta testing of the new operating systems. Users have to be prepared for bugs – and non-functional banking apps.

 iOS 16 & Co: public beta starts

The public beta of iOS 16 is now available for download for those who want to test it and ready to install. Apple has also released the first public preview versions of iPadOS 16, macOS 13 Ventura and watchOS 9. The versions of the operating systems scheduled for autumn require newer hardware: iOS 16 only runs on iPhone 8 and iPhone X (both built in 2017). Certain functions are also reserved for newer hardware, Apple is making a clear cut this time, especially with iPads: The Stage Manager window management is only available on the latest models with an M1 chip.

Downgrade to iOS 15 possible

Downloading the beta versions of iOS 16 & Co requires signing up for Apple’s beta program with an Apple ID. The manufacturer strongly advises installing the pre-release versions on a second device and never on “business-critical” hardware – bugs and problems have to be expected. Accordingly, a current data backup before installation is advisable.

A downgrade to iOS / iPadOS 15 and macOS 12 is currently possible with manageable effort, but new backups created during the beta of iOS 16 can then no longer be done import under iOS 15 – only the backups created before the upgrade with iOS 15. No downgrade is possible on the Apple Watch.

iOS 16: Sparkasse apps crash

Apart from minor and major errors in the operating system and a shortened battery life, beta testers have to look out for problems with Set apps: As in previous years, the Sparkasse app crashes immediately in the iOS 16 beta, as developers report. This also applies to the S-PushTAN app, so that it may no longer be possible to make transfers via browser. There were also reports of problems with other individual banking apps, for example with the DKB. The Elster app also refuses to work.

iPhone gets a customizable lock screen

iOS 16 allows the iPhone lock screen to be customized for the first time – and a quick switch between the lock screens. Stage Manager brings new window management to M1 iPads and Macs, and the iPhone camera can also be used as a Mac webcam with on-board tools. The new systems also bring new possibilities for third-party apps to integrate into system functions such as focus mode and many innovations in Apple apps from iMessage to Apple Mail.

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