iOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9: The new systems are coming to these Apple devices

Apple’s new operating systems don’t run on older models like the iPhone 7 and 6s. The currently still sold Apple Watch 3 should not receive an update.

 iOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9: The new systems will come to these Apple devices

Apple has provided details on the system requirements for the upcoming iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13 and watchOS 9 operating systems. For the first time in several years, iOS 16 excludes older hardware and requires at least an iPhone 8 or iPhone X (both built in 2017), as the manufacturer announced. On iPhone 7, 6s, 6s Plus and the iPhone SE of the 1st generation iOS 16 will be Don’t let it be installed, iOS 15 is the end of it there. Apple will probably continue to deliver security updates for the older operating system version, a concrete one But there are no promises.

Certain functions that use machine learning, including text recognition in photos and videos and the advanced dictation function of iOS 16, require at least Apple’s A12 chip, say one iPhone from year 2018 (XR, XS).

iPadOS 16: Important functions only for M1 iPads

iPadOS 16 saws off two older model series: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 should not receive the update. It can otherwise be installed on all Apple tablets that support iPadOS 15, including all iPad Pro generations, iPad and iPad mini from generation 5 and iPad Air from generation 3.

Two key innovations of iPadOS 16, however, are reserved for the very latest hardware: Window management and adjustment of the screen resolution only work on iPads with an M1 chip. It’s in the iPad Pro 2021 and the iPad Air 5, which is just a few months old.

macOS 13 no longer for the 2016 MacBook Pro

Apple is also increasing the system requirements for Macs: macOS 13 Ventura only runs on Macs built in 2017 or later. This means that, among other things, this is the first generation of the 2016 new MacBook Pro with USB-C falls out of the cover – as well as the popular MacBook Pro 2015 and MacBook Air built in 2015 and 2017.

Systemvoraussetzungen für macOS 13
macOS 13 Ventura macOS 12 Monterey
MacBook Pro ab 2017 ab 2015
MacBook Air ab 2018 ab 2015
iMac ab 2017 ab Ende 2015
iMac Pro ab 2017 ab 2017
Mac Pro ab 2019 ab Ende 2013
Mac mini ab 2018 ab Ende 2014
MacBook ab 2017 ab 2016

watchOS 9 sägt Apple Watch Series 3 ab

watchOS 9 wird nicht mehr auf der Apple Watch Series 3 laufen. Das Software-Aus für die 2017er Apple Watch wird schon länger erwartet, aufgrund knapper Speicherausstattung hatte das Einstiegsmodell bei Updates bereits Probleme. Der Schritt ist dennoch ungewöhnlich, da Apple das Modell immer noch als Neuware verkauft. watchOS 9 erfordert zudem iOS 16 auf dem Begleit-iPhone, um das Update zu installieren, ist künftig also mindestens ein iPhone 8 erforderlich.

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