iOS 16: This is what the next iPhone operating system could look like

Before the keynote speech at the opening of the Apple developer conference WWDC on Whit Monday, the rumors and leaks intensify. What iPhone owners can expect.

 iOS 16: This is what the next iPhone operating system could look like

iOS 16 is approaching: At the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple wants to give a first look at the next major update. The first test version is also expected for Whit Monday – but initially for developers. It may be some time before the first public beta. It won’t be until July at the earliest.

Apple has managed to remain largely silent about new functions this year. So it remains exciting to see what is really in Sydney, Apple’s internal code name for iOS 16. So far, additions to the accessibility area have been officially announced.

The following is an overview of the changes and rumors that have already been made before the WWDC 2022:

Lock screen in permanent display

The Apple Watch has had the always-on screen since the Series 5. The iPhone could have such a permanent display according to recent rumours coming this year. iOS 16 should lay the foundation for this and also make further changes to the lock screen. We’re talking about screen backgrounds with widget-like functions and generally more control options in the screen widgets, which have lost almost all interactivity since their visual renewal.

New accessibility features

First and foremost the operating aids are aimed at people who have to cope with their everyday life with limited vision or hearing. However, many functions are also popular with users who do not depend on them. For the fall – and thus for iOS 16 – Apple announced additional accessibility features. This includes live subtitles for phone calls and video conferences. iPhones equipped with a lidar sensor will offer door recognition in the future. And the Apple Watch screen can be mirrored on the iPhone in the future for easier control of the watch.

Even more data protection functions

The advertising industry is already shaking of further data protection functions in iOS. It is expected that the so-called fingerprinting, to clearly identify devices and users based on usage behavior, could be restricted. There is also talk of blocking common tracking tools in apps.

Better notifications

Although Apple only overhauled the visual notifications in iOS 15, according to the Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman another big change coming. He has not yet announced any further details. Among other things, the overview was introduced in iOS 15, which summarizes notifications that are not so urgent.

Expansion of the health app

The Health App Apple wants it to be a kind of control center for all health issues. Rumor has it that new features will be introduced in iOS 16. This includes an expansion of sleep tracking. Apple introduced this two years ago. However, third-party apps have so far offered a greater range of functions. The improved health app should also enable users to store a dosage plan for medication in the future. There should also be new health functions especially for women.

Extended focus mode

According to 9to5Mac, focus mode will be expanded. Introduced in 2021, the feature allows users to set whether and which notifications should be displayed. There are modes for sleep, leisure and work, among others. Users can also set their own. The iPhone can optionally change the mode itself. However, some still see room for improvement here.

Changes to the design

A major change to the design, as last in 2013 with iOS 7, does not expect Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, referring to his sources at Apple.

But it could – with a view to other rumors – minor but significant changes. The Twitter user “LeaksApplePro” already showed a photo of changed widgets in January. So far, developers have not had the opportunity to place controls in iOS. This should change with iOS 16, which would also significantly affect the look.

Car Accident Detection

Four years after the introduction of fall detection on the Apple Watch, Apple could according to Wall Street Journal with the iPhone 14 to introduce car accident detection that takes advantage of the basic principle If the sensors a n detecting an impact, the iPhone would then automatically make an emergency call.

New for the iPhone 14

Statements that Apple could change the display of the status bar at the top of the iPhone are very vague. This is based on the assumption that an iPhone 14 will be presented in autumn, that without the previous cut-out in the screen< /a>, the so-called notch, would do and thus offer more space. So far, information on mobile phone reception, WLAN reception strength and battery charge level has been displayed to the left and right of the notch.

Also with regard to a suspected function in the iPhone 14, it is speculated that Apple could introduce a satellite-based emergency call. This should allow iPhones to send text messages without cell phone reception to request help in an emergency.

Treasure trove for AR/VR tips?

The fact that Apple has already officially released iOS 16 functions of the suspected augmented Reality or virtual reality glasses are considered unlikely. Recently there was talk that the device will not be released before the end of the year. But experts expect iOS 16 to be a treasure trove of clues that will provide more detailed information , what exactly Apple is planning.

Who will get the update?

Year after year, users of older iPhones worry about whether they will even get the next version of iOS for their device.

The rumors suggest that iOS 16 will have at least the A10 Chip from 2016 required. This would mean that the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus and the first iPhone SE would no longer be supported.

iOS 16 will probably be immediately after the presentation on June 6th as the first beta version for developers. The finished version is expected in autumn. In recent years, users without developer access have also been able to try out the new software at their own risk in the course of a public beta.

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