iOS 16: Which Apple apps will soon be deleted

iPhone users will be able to remove additional pre-installed apps in the fall. The EU Commission wants to stipulate that practically all Apple apps can be deleted.

 iOS 16: Which Apple apps can be deleted soon

Apple is expanding the List of its erasable iPhone apps: With iOS and iPadOS 16, users can for the first time delete the apps “Find My?”, Health and also the clock from iPhone and iPad, according to developers with access to the first beta of the new operating system versions. This will make it possible in the future to remove almost 30 of the programs preinstalled by Apple on the devices.

Deleting Apple apps with side effects

Apple is thus continuing the process that only started with iOS 10 Way forward to gradually giving users more control over the apps included in the operating system. However, deleting Apple apps can affect other system functions, as the manufacturer has warned ever since. This should also be the case with the new apps, although sharing your own location with third parties will continue to work without the “Where is?” app and can be controlled via the corresponding system settings. So deleting the app does not deactivate the underlying service or participation in the “Where is?” network.

Deleting the Health app should also have side effects, especially in conjunction with Apple Watch, which logs all health data recorded there.

EU Commission wants to prescribe a deletion function

Several central services can still not be deleted from the iPhone with iOS 16, including the Messages app ( iMessage) also the browser Safari, the App Store, the phone app and Apple Wallet. Legislative initiatives in the US and Europe could force Apple to make additional apps optional in the future. The Digital Markets Act in Europe prohibits gatekeepers like Apple from preventing the deletion of pre-installed apps – with the exception of apps that provide basic system functions and cannot be replaced by third-party apps.

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