iPad mini 6: Loading stops after update to iPadOS 15.5

Users of the smallest current Apple tablet report charging difficulties after the update. The manufacturer is currently investigating the problem.

 iPad mini 6 loading stalls after update to iPadOS 15.5

Owners of the current iPad mini released in 2021 was reporting problems charging their tablets. The process either fails completely or stops in the middle of loading. The bug apparently only occurs after the update to the current iPadOS version 15.5, earlier versions of the operating system do not seem to be affected.

Apple informs repair shops

In a memo that Apple sent to its Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) and that MacRumors has it, says there is currently no fix for the issue. However, it seems clear that this is a software and not a hardware problem, because neither replacing the entire device nor changing the battery help. Apple also found this out itself after there were various complaints in the company’s own forum.

Accordingly, the ASPs and Apple’s own technicians are instructed not to touch the hardware for the time being. Instead, the devices should be restarted, because then loading works again. The problem: This is only a temporary solution, after a while the error occurs again and the iPad mini 6 does not accept any power.

Investigations are ongoing

Apple is holding on covered in the memo about what could trigger the loading error. Investigations are being carried out, it is said. So the group seems to be working on a software fix. However, it remains unclear whether it will be released together with iPadOS 15.6, which is currently in a beta phase. iPadOS 16 will follow in autumn.

Until then, affected users can only follow Apple’s workaround and restart the iPad if it does not charge when connecting the power adapter via USB-C cable. This, in turn, is anything but convenient and, above all, takes time. You don’t like to recharge the tablet regularly throughout the day. Other iPad models do not appear to be affected and continue to charge normally.


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