iPadOS 16 reportedly makes iPad ‘more of a laptop’

New multitasking features for the Apple tablet are said to bring important improvements, according to a report.

 iPadOS 16 supposedly makes iPad

Apple is planning for WWDC 2022 on Monday also apparently more extensive changes to its iPadOS tablet operating system. According to a report, version 16 of the software is intended to bring the user experience closer to notebooks and laptops, writes Apple journalist Mark Gurman from the financial news agency Bloomberg, citing informed circles.

“More like a laptop, less like a telephone”

With the new iPadOS, which will probably have version number 16, new multitasking features are to come to the device. A redesigned interface should make it easier to switch between apps and tasks. In addition, it should be possible for the first time to use a real window control, i.e. to freely change the size of the area available for apps. There has been speculation for a long time about this new window management, which many users would like to see. Apple is currently specifying exactly how several apps should be displayed.

Apple wants the iPad to be one device make it “more like a laptop and less like a phone” be, it was said. In addition to resizing windows, Apple is said to be working on “new ways users can use multiple apps at the same time”. – how exactly is still unclear.

Mouse control already works

Apple has been allowing mouse control for a long time. However, being able to change the size of the window would take operation to a new level – and would be a complete novelty for both iPadOS and iOS. iPads make up around 9 percent of Apple’s annual sales and are just as popular in companies as they are in education and with private customers. The M1 SoCs installed in the Pro models are considered to be very powerful.

As usual, iPadOS 16 will be shown in advance at WWDC, which will again only take place virtually in 2022, and then to developers and, a little later, to participants from Apple Public beta program made available in pre-release. The new operating system will then be released to the public together with iOS 16 in the fall – probably in September. macOS 13, tvOS 16 and watchOS 9 will also be on display at WWDC 2022, should Apple stick to its usual presentation pattern.

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