iPhone 14: Apple manufacturer is urgently looking for people

Foxconn wants to start final assembly of the new Apple smartphones as soon as possible. Workers are to be recruited with bonuses and other temptations.

 iPhone 14: Apple manufacturer is urgently looking for people

Production of the next iPhone generation will start soon. As usual, Apple’s most important manufacturer, Foxconn, needs a large number of seasonal employees in its Chinese plants – and numerous jobs have now been advertised for them. However, it is unclear whether it will be possible to find enough interested parties after the long COVID-19 lockdown phases in Shanghai and other Chinese regions.

1300 euros as a bonus for new employees

That’s why the group, which has its headquarters in Taiwan, has launched an attractive bonus program again. As the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports, new workers get a starting amount of 9,000 yuan, not quite 1,300 euros – just for starting and staying at least four months. This applies to the most important plant in Zhengzhou. This is the world’s largest iPhone factory, which was hit by a lockdown earlier this spring. Without enough employees, the production of the “iPhone 14” series planned for the fall could be delayed.

In addition to recruiting new employees, Foxconn is trying to bring back seasonal workers who helped produce the iPhone 13 last year . There is even a higher bonus for these because the paver does not have to relearn them. Here 9500 yuan, almost 1360 euros, are paid; Foxconn also guarantees the old salary. The bonus amount is only available here if the workers stay with us for at least four months – Apple’s hottest production time of the year, which includes the Christmas business.

Search campaign started in spring

Foxconn had due Due to the situation in China, where harsh “Zero COVID” measures are still in place, the campaign started early this year to recruit staff, but stopped the campaign abruptly in May due to a seven-day lockdown in Zhengzhou. Up to 80 percent of all iPhones worldwide are said to be built in the factory. Zhengzhou City, which is also called Tschengtschau Schi in German, is located in central China and is the capital of the Henan region.

The bonus program for new and returning employees also has a downside. Last year, Foxconn increased the sum from 8,000 yuan in June to 10,200 yuan in August and then only stipulated a minimum working time of 90 days to receive the money. Knowing this, potential employees could now wait until August to see whether the bonus will increase. There had recently been positive reports from Apple’s supply chain – the first “iPhone 14” components were rolling out.


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