iPhone 2022: Apple reportedly expects no growth

According to a report, Apple does not expect to significantly increase sales with the iPhone 14. Weaker demand affects the entire industry.

 iPhone 2022: Apple reportedly expects no growth

Apple’s iPhone production orders for 2022 are currently falling Apparently conservative: The manufacturer is currently planning to produce around 220 million iPhones for the current year and thus remains roughly at the previous year’s level, as the financial news agency Bloomberg reports, citing informed people. Industry observers had originally expected production to increase to 240 million devices in 2022.

Smartphone market facing zero growth

Apple has not given any numbers of iPhone sales or production forecasts for several years the group has never said anything, but the production figures are regularly readjusted.

The smartphone industry is preparing for a more difficult year with zero growth or a slight contraction in the market. Due to the chip crisis and problems in the supply chain, Apple already expects the company to lose between 4 and 8 billion US dollars in sales in the current quarter. However, Apple is expected to get iPhone production under control and will probably be able to make up for the current backlog in the coming months.

Rising prices are dampening demand

In China, lockdowns and the disruption of the The supply chain has already put the brakes on the demand side, the manufacturer Xiaomi – the third largest smartphone manufacturer behind Samsung and Apple – had to report a decline in sales for the first time, explains Bloomberg. Elsewhere, inflation and the war in Ukraine are likely to keep prices rising and dampen demand, with Apple’s mostly high-earning clientele considered more resilient. With the iPhone 14, Apple is also rumored to be offering a cheaper Max model with a large 6.7″ display for the first time, which is said to be priced well below the Pro Max model series, which only starts at 1250 euros.


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