iPhone: Apple improves subscription overview

What do I have as an in-app subscription and what not? So far, the overview under iOS has been quite confusing. Now Apple has improved it.

 iPhone: Apple improves subscription overview

Users who have a current iOS 15.5 running on the iPhone, have found clearer subscription management since the weekend. Apple has moved up current subscriptions for services and apps, while settings for subscription receipts and advertising for its in-house subscription service Apple One (if it’s not already running) have moved down.

More space = more Overview

If you want to know what subscription fees you’re currently paying to Apple and its partners, you’ll still need to go to the App Store application on iPhone. There you then click on your own person icon and end up in an overview that also contains the apps you have bought and notifications about new apps. Below are the updates for apps and settings for redeeming gift cards. If you now click on “Subscriptions” on this screen, you will see the new look, which has become more airy thanks to more white space.

 iPhone: Apple improves subscription overview

All active subscriptions are listed above – including the fees and the day on which the new period is due. More information about what you have bought (or are buying) here can be found by clicking on the individual subscription. From here you can then cancel it at the earliest possible date. If you scroll further down on the overview page, you will see the inactive subscriptions, which you can reactivate with a click, if you wish.

Advertisements moved down

The ones that keep appearing Ads for Apple One, the group’s overall service, which combines all Apple services for up to 29 euros a month, have laudably been banned from the top to the bottom by Apple. However, the settings for notifications when renewing a subscription, which it makes sense to leave active, can now be found at the bottom.

Apple made the adjustments purely on the server side, they are automatically reloaded by the system . Apparently you can’t see the new look under iOS 15.4 yet. As minimal as the change is, it makes sense – even if it only ensures that you can see how many in-app subscriptions you have already closed. For Apple, this is now an enormously important source of income, since the group collects between 15 and 30 percent commission. Most recently, he had controversially allowed subscription fees to be increased without being asked.


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