iPhone Visual Voicemail: Telekom opens function for prepaid tariffs

For the first time, Telekom customers without a fixed-term contract can use the voicemail function integrated into the iPhone by Apple.

 iPhone Visual Voicemail: Telekom opens function for prepaid tariffs

Deutsche Telekom supports for the first time iPhone Visual Voicemail in the new Magenta Mobil prepaid tariffs. For the past 15 years, this function has been reserved for Telekom customers with fixed-term contracts. Apple’s visual voicemail has been an integral part of the phone app since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, but is only supported by certain partner mobile operators of the manufacturer and is often not activated for prepaid users.

iPhone with visual voicemail since 2007

The voicemail function provides the messages on the “answering machine” as voice messages in a chronological list, where the messages can be viewed, played directly and also deleted. This eliminates the hassle of calling a mobile box to check messages and controlling the box using the number pad.

The iPhone voicemail function was apparently activated with the introduction of the new MagentaMobil prepaid tariffs last month, which now include (slightly) more data volume and access to the provider’s 5G network in the basic price. Telekom has been supporting other functions such as WLAN calls or eSIMs in the prepaid segment for some time. With the activation of Visual Voicemail for prepaid users, one of the last advantages of fixed-term contracts is gone.

Activate Visual Voicemail for iPhone

iPhone users with a Magenta Mobil prepaid tariff must first activate Visual Voicemail. Existing customers can only do this if they have switched to one of the new tariffs via the customer center. Attention: When you change tariffs, the basic fee for the next four weeks is due immediately, so you should change at the end of the period you have already paid for. After switching to the new prepaid tariffs, Visual Voicemail can be selected as an alternative to Mobilbox or Mobilbox Pro in the tariff options. After booking the option, it may take a short time before the visual voicemail becomes active in the iPhone’s telephone app.


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