iPod touch: Accelerated sales

If you want Apple’s last official music player, you should hurry: some stores still have stocks, but they run out quickly.

 iPod touch: accelerated sales

After Apple’s official discontinuation of the iPod touch – the last music player , which the group still had on offer – the official channels are running empty. At Apple itself, the inventory has already been greatly reduced, while dealers still have quantities. Meanwhile, “scalpers” on eBay to take advantage of the declining availability and start charging moon prices.

The end of an era

On May 10, Apple officially decided to to stop producing iPods. The last available device was no longer a classic iPod that was solely for Music was there – the iPod touch, first released in the fall of 2007, was actually a chipless iPhone running iOS. Apple had already discontinued the other models in 2017 (iPod nano and iPod shuffle) and 2014 (iPod classic).

At the end of the iPod era, Apple pointed out that music would live on, because music was in today an important element of the entire Apple product range, which can be played back via Apple Music, for example. In addition, the iPod touch, which was last on the market in its seventh generation, was extremely outdated and yet comparatively expensive. The hardware, launched in May 2019, came with the A10 Fusion SoC from the 2016 iPhone 7.

Rarities drive prices

Nevertheless, demand for At the end of the iPod era, buyers are apparently hoping that prices will rise in the future or they really want another device after all. At Apple, online orders are already looking pretty bad. Only certain colors are still available for shipping, others are still stored in one of the German Apple stores and can be pre-ordered (or simply directly).

There are also stocks available from dealers (see price comparison), but that too is likely to shrink quickly. However, what you should definitely not do is buy on eBay – at least if you don’t pay attention to the price. There are already users who are selling a current iPod touch in red for 700 euros – or a silver model for 600 euros. At Apple you pay between 230 and 450 euros – even that is actually too much for the outdated hardware. Even lower prices are available in stores.


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