Kick-off for the Mobile Native Foundation

The Linux Foundation drives the initiative to improve processes and technologies for large-scale Android and iOS mobile applications.

 Launch of the Mobile Native Foundation

Under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation is the Mobile Native Foundation (MNF) founded. Their goal is to improve processes and technologies designed to support the development of large Android and iOS applications. Founding members include Airbnb, Capital One, Corellium, Elotl,, GitHub, GogoApps, Haystack, Line, LinkedIn, Lyft, Microsoft, Peloton, Robinhood, Sauce Labs,, Slack, Solid Software, Spotify, Square and Uber.

The organization is described as a forum for collaborating on open source software, standards, and best practices leading to common UI frameworks, architectural patterns, build systems, and network stacks. These in turn should help to introduce products faster and reduce duplicate work in companies.

Cooperation and Best Practice

Lyft brings the NTP library written in Swift to the start of the MNF Kronos a. There is also a tool, index-import, for importing swiftc and clang generated indices into Xcode. Then there is talk of a CLI to easily set the location of the current iOS simulator. Finally, with Flank, there is an Android and iOS test runner for Google’s Firebase Test Lab.

The announcement gives an impression of the mood. The organization’s website is currently nothing more than a list of the companies involved and an invitation to participate. A GitHub page, on the other hand, invites discussion.

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