Linux administration: firewalld 1.2 with significantly more supported services

A number of other services can be managed with the new firewalld 1.2. Linux firewalls can be administered with the software.

 Linux administration: firewalld 1.2 with significantly more supported services

The developers of the small and The firewall daemon firewalld used in medium-sized installations is releasing version 1.2, another stable release. The previous three-digit versions like 1.1.2 and 1.0.5 were purely bug fixes according to firewalld’s versioning system.

The new version adds support for more services so that they can be easily managed by the firewall daemon. New services include IPFS, checkmk agent, Netdata, Ident, Prometheus node-exporter, GPSD, CrateDB, PS3NetSRV, and Kodi services JSON-RPC and EventServer. Also, firewalld 1.2 introduces a –log-target parameter, which is intended to improve the reliability of firewalld’s startup process. There are also other small changes that the project lists in the release notes.

Simple and mature

The firewalld, which is now over 11 years old, is an open source management tool for managing firewalls under GNU /Linux to manage. It serves as a frontend for the netfilter framework of the Linux kernel. Currently nftables is used as backend (userspace utilities), up to version 0.6 it was iptables. firewalld consists of a series of Python scripts and was intended to be ported to C – but the project abandoned this idea in 2015.

firewalld supports IPv6 in addition to IPv4 and can manage separate firewall zones with different levels of trust are defined in zone profiles. With the help of the NetworkManager, the appropriate zone profiles can be activated automatically when connecting to known WiFi or Ethernet networks via firewalld. Applications such as firewall-config or firewall-applet provide graphical frontends for mouse-oriented administrators.

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