Linux comes to the rescue: SystemRescueCd is now called SystemRescue

The SystemRescue 7 version starts with a name change, domain move and a new LTS kernel.

 Linux comes to the rescue: SystemRescueCd is called now SystemRescue

With the new major release 7.00, François Dupoux has updated his Linux distribution SystemRescue. The tool is aimed at system administrators who can use it to administrate and restore systems and data after a crash. It is based on Arch Linux and uses an Xfce desktop.

The main reason for the version jump is the renaming of SystemRescueCd to SystemRescue. The homepage has also migrated from to All other changes tend to fall under the routine updates. Details can be found in the changelog.

New features include the LTS Linux kernel 5.4.71 (long-term support) and Dislocker for accessing data carriers encrypted with BitLocker. The project continues to ship SystemRescue as bootable ISO images for the amd64 and i686 architectures. The Linux system contains an extensive collection of tools for system and network analysis, hard disk partitioning, file system handling, data recovery, reading hardware information and secure deletion.

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