Linux distribution Deepin 20.6 brings minor innovations

The Chinese Linux distribution Deepin improves small details: mainly two search functions, the browser and the partitioning tool.

 Linux distribution Deepin 20.6 brings minor innovations

Deepin is primarily aimed at desktop users and focuses on the simplest and most intuitive operation possible. In version 20.6, the developers mainly implemented feedback and requests from the community. However, it couldn’t have been that many, as the changes compared to the previous version remain extremely manageable.

Deepin developers provide minor optimizations

First of all, the App Store can filter all search results by operating system. For example, if you are only interested in Linux applications, you can hide the respective icons for Windows and Android apps with two mouse clicks.

The second practical innovation concerns the system-wide “Big Search” (Grand Search). If you search for a photo in it, the corresponding window for the found copy shows, among other things, the date it was modified and, above all, its complete path. In this way, images with identical names can be distinguished much more easily.

Furthermore, the web browser has been given a few fine adjustments with which you can control the automatic deletion of history, cookies and other private data. The text recognition (OCR) built into Deepin works faster and delivers better results.

The other innovations relate to the partitioning and the kernel. Disk Utility (aka Disk Utility) can also create and manage Logical Volume Manager (LVM) volumes. If you give Deepin the entire hard drive space during the installation, you can freely choose the size of the root partition.

Updated downloads

According to the announcement, the Linux kernel 5.15.34 should work by default in the background , which also enables the ntfs3 driver to access NTFS partitions. However, the start medium boots kernel 5.10, which is currently still used in the installed system.

The 64-bit ISO image is available for download on the Deepin developers’ website. However, the maintainers also link other download mirrors in the announcement.

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