Market researchers: Apple Watch on 100 million wrists

According to analysts, the Apple Watch has the lion’s share of actively used smartwatches. Cheap models from the competition bring the computer clocks into the mass market.

 Market researchers: Apple Watch on 100 million wrists

No one sells more smartwatches than Apple. According to an estimate by market researchers, three of the top five computer watches sold worldwide in the second quarter of 2021 came from Apple: Apple Watch Series 6 and SE were the top-selling models, followed by Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Increasing competition and explosive growth in sub-$100 smartwatch models from China and India has seen Apple’s market share drop to 28 percent from just over 30 percent in the same quarter last year, according to market research firm Counterpoint. Huawei (9.3 percent) and Samsung are in second and third place with a share of 7.6 percent. New in the top 5 of the largest manufacturers was this estimate according to Garmin. The overall smartwatch market grew by around 27 percent in the past quarter,

USA: Every third iPhone owner has an Apple Watch

Smartwatches are becoming an increasingly popular companion product to smartphones, they write analysts. Apple in particular manages to sell iPhone customers a smartwatch as well: In the USA, almost every third iPhone owner now wears a computer watch from the manufacturer. Overall, the Apple Watch now has 100 million active wearers and thus holds the “lion’s share” of global smartwatch users. The figures are in line with the estimate of another analyst, who believed that the Apple Watch had already passed the 100 million mark earlier this year.

Apple itself has maintained sales and usage figures for the product category since the beginning closure. However, the group’s wearables division, which includes the Apple Watch, regularly shows strong sales growth.

Smartwatches on the way to the mass market

The success of the Apple Watch spurs on other manufacturers , also get involved in this product segment and offer entry-level models for under 100 US dollars – a price segment that Apple has not yet covered. It is true that an “advanced operating system” is sometimes missing, but fitness functions such as blood oxygen and heart rate measurement can now be found in the lower price segment, according to the market researchers – this could allow computer watches to reach the mass market.

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