Meta: Development of planned Facebook smartwatch allegedly stopped

According to Bloomberg, Meta is putting the development of its Facebook smartwatch on hold. Instead, other devices for the wrist are to be built.

 Meta: Development of planned Facebook smartwatch allegedly stopped

Facebook operator Meta is responsible for the development his smartwatch: The watch was originally supposed to be launched in 2023, reports Bloomberg. Now the device with the project name “Milan” According to the report, it will no longer be developed further.

It has been known since last year that Meta is developing its own smartwatch. The US technology magazine The Verge reported that the body of the watch should be detachable from the bracelet. There should be a second camera on the bottom that can take better pictures than the camera on the front. According to the report, Facebook had already invested a billion US dollars in the development of its first smartwatch last summer.

Technical incompatibility

The dual camera function has now become the watch’s undoing , reports Bloomberg. The camera on the back got in the way of the smartwatch’s electromyography function. Nerve signals from the wrist are processed into control commands. According to Bloomberg, Meta is planning this function as an additional input method for the Metaverse – but apparently it didn’t get along with the camera on the back.

So the concept with the dual camera is now off the table. But according to Bloomberg, Meta continues to work on several other wrist devices. At least in part, these devices should take over the technology and design decisions of the meta-smartwatch that has now been scrapped. According to Bloomberg, the watch should do without its own app store, because applications should be installed via the Facebook account. There’s a good chance that Meta will continue to do so with its other wrist wearables.

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