Microsoft: Evaluation versions of Windows available again

The downloads of Windows evaluation versions were disrupted for several weeks. Now the all clear has been given: the ISO images are available again in the regular way.

After the download of the Windows evaluation versions from Microsoft was disrupted for weeks, the ISO images can now be downloaded again via the download regular and usual way. Microsoft has not yet provided an explanation of the incident, even when asked.

Since the beginning of May, administrators who wanted to download a test or evaluation version of Windows instead of an ISO file have received an error message. Since the beginning of the month, those affected have been asking in the Microsoft Tech Community Forum, among others, for a remedy for the fact that they were unable to receive evaluation ISO files.

The questioners needed these for courses, for example. Initially, the users provided each other with links to individual Windows versions. Finally, the community manager Heather Poulsen published an article with collected download links.

Poulsen’s listing has a catch. The download links only work until Microsoft provides updated ISO images. In addition, IT managers and administrators must trust that the links on the community website also refer to the correct files. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft still had to work on correcting the website.

The software company’s web developers have now completed this work. Administrators and testers can now find the Windows evaluation versions again on Microsoft’s dedicated website – the Windows Evaluation Center.

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