Microsoft expands Defender anti-virus solution for Android, iOS & Co.

From now on, family admins can register various devices in Microsoft Defender and monitor their security.

 Microsoft expands anti-virus solution Defender für Android, iOS & Co.

With an updated version of Microsoft Defender, it is now possible to monitor the security status of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows devices bundled in one application. In addition, the online and antivirus solution provides tips on how to more effectively secure smartphones and PCs.

Microsoft Defender is available to Microsoft 365 subscribers. With the latest version, family admins in particular can register devices of loved ones to monitor online and device security, the hardware and software developer elaborates in a post. The centerpiece of the anti-virus application is a dashboard that lets users see the current security status of registered devices at a glance.

Defender is said to detect other installed AV applications and show devices equipped with them as protected in the dashboard. In addition, the protection solution is to be able to display real-time warnings when URLs to dangerous websites are called up, among other things, and to provide further security advice against phishing, for example.

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