Monday: Crisis management at the Hannover Messe, blockchain gaming in the Metaverse

Industrial Transformation + New Internet Lures + Research Hate Comment Ads + Websites with “Dark Patterns” + Fiber Optic Cable Protection + Linux Podcast

 Monday: Crisis Management at Hannover Messe, Blockchain Gaming at Metaverse

Today the Hannover Messe 2022 begins after it was canceled in 2020 due to the corona virus and was significantly reduced in 2021. At the opening ceremony, Chancellor Scholz called for the industrial transformation to the energy transition, which is required by climate change and the Ukraine crisis. The internet is also changing from simple websites and videos to an experience with blockchain gaming and the Metaverse. These new possibilities promise big money, so that game designers and effect manufacturers jump on these topics – a brief overview of the most important news.

The war in Ukraine and the trade policy distortions caused by the energy price and corona crisis determine the Hannover Messe over long stretches. One thing was clear at the opening: Climate protection, energy efficiency and digital production are becoming explosive at the most important industrial show – not least because of the search for alternative sources of raw materials outside of Russia and new debates about economic isolation. At the opening of the Hannover Messe, Chancellor Scholz emphasized that economic restructuring is all the more urgent.

Previously, anyone who spoke of the Internet meant websites. “Now we’re talking about an experience,” says a Metaverse developer at Epic Games. In addition to virtual reality, augmented or extended reality is increasingly coming into focus. Epic Games has a suitable 3D environment with the Unreal Engine, which has been the foundation of many video games for decades. It’s about business, because almost everything from land to clothing to concert tickets is sold as NFT: from blockbuster to blockchain – FMX 2022.

After a nationwide experiment The federal states reacted differently to the police handling of displays of hate messages. In Leipzig and Bremen, the result led to investigations in their own ranks. While Hessen sees itself confirmed in the fight against hate crime, deficits have been brought to light in Berlin, Rhineland-Palatinate and other federal states: Böhmermann research into the display of hate comments triggers reactions .

In the digital environment, there are more and more efficient “artificial” Advertising actions that attract consumers’ attention and lead them to make business decisions that may be contrary to their interests. This is the conclusion researchers come to in a study on psycho-design tricks such as “Dark Patterns” and manipulative personalization on behalf of the EU Commission. According to the EU study, 97 percent of the most popular websites use “dark patterns”.

DDoS or ransomware attacks are the subject of many warnings from network operators and politicians, but how secure are the fiber optic cables actually? Power failures after mishaps with excavators are not uncommon. A targeted attack on fiber optic lines in France at the end of April, which was felt as far as Germany, justifies the question of whether these lines are sufficiently protected. To do this, we are looking for clues and asking about possible precautions to secure backbones in Europe: Attacks on backbones – how well are fiber optic cables protected?

Gnome 3, Systemd, KDE Plasma, Snap and Flatpak have been developed relatively quietly with small version jumps for years. Each new version brings a few improvements, but doesn’t turn the system upside down. This routine of innovations shows how mature the Linux desktop already is. The year of the Linux desktop has often been proclaimed rather unsuccessfully, but now the time for radical changes seems to be over and the Linux desktop has long been ready for productive use. That’s why c’t uplink declares 2022 as the year of the Linux desktop.

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