Nvidia Shield: Update to Android 11 is distributed

Nvidia releases the update to Android 11 for its Shield consoles. New features include Bluetooth improvements.

 Nvidia Shield: Update to Android 11 is being distributed

Nvidia wants a new one this week Push update to his Shield consoles. The new version 9.0 of the Shield Experience operating system is based on Android version 11 for the first time. Nvidia emphasizes that the first edition of the Shield will also receive the new update – almost seven years after its release. This makes the Shield one of the longest supported Android devices.

The new features include a new standard keyboard for text fields. In the future, you’ll be typing on the Shield with a new version of Google’s Gboard keyboard. This is particularly practical because of the keyboard’s integrated text-to-speech function: you can speak into a microphone instead of typing.

There are also improvements for users of Bluetooth headsets. The new version of the Shield operating system supports the aptX codec on compatible Bluetooth devices. You can also set the Android console so that it automatically disconnects from connected headsets as soon as it switches to sleep mode.

Under the hood, the update comes with the latest security fixes for Android from Google. In the release notes for the new update, Nvidia also speaks of unspecified bug fixes.

“RTX 3080” with GeForce Now

Nvidia’s Shield consoles also support GeForce Now’s new RTX 3080 tier. If you play with it on Shield, you can stream 60 fps at 4K resolution, depending on the title. You pay 100 euros for a six-month “RTX 3080” subscription. In return, in addition to stronger servers, you also get a session duration of up to eight hours in contrast to the six hours of the priority subscription.

The “RTX 3080” subscription is played on specially configured servers. In fact, you don’t get an RTX 3080 for gaming, but a special GPU called A10G based on the GA102 chip. There are also Threadripper CPUs and 28 GB RAM as well as a PCI SSD.

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