O2 puts 5G network into operation in Munich subway​

In the Munich underground, O2 customers can now also surf the 5G network. Meanwhile, many passengers in Berlin are still waiting for LTE.

 O2 puts 5G network into operation in Munich underground​

The mobile phone provider Telefónica Deutschland takes its 5G network is up and running in the Munich subway. This means that O2 customers with the right mobile phone and tariff can use 5G “immediately” in the entire subway network of the Bavarian capital, the company announced on Friday. For the upgrade, the network technology was replaced in the entire underground network.

“We are expanding 5G faster than any other mobile technology before it,” explained Telefónica CTO Mallik Rao. “The launch of our 5G network in the Munich subway is further proof of our rapid expansion progress.” As part of the “extensive modernization measures”, Telefónica technicians have installed around 100 new transmission units in the past few weeks.

Single RAN in the subway

The provider has exchanged the old base stations for single RAN units (SRAN) exchanged, which can flexibly serve all mobile radio standards and frequencies. According to the company, more than 200 radio cells in the Munich subway ensure mobile phone coverage.

The mobile phone networks in the subways are usually maintained jointly by the network operators. A network operator is responsible for expanding the antennas and cable connections in the tunnels, which can then all be used with their own network technology. In Munich that is Vodafone, which itself still has to convert to 5G. Telekom has already started expanding 5G in the subway.

Berlin is still waiting for LTE

Telefónica Deutschland is coordinating the expansion of mobile communications coverage in the Berlin subway, the Technology originally came from E-Plus. There is still no talk of 5G here: the expansion work for LTE is still underway in the entire subway network. They have recently been delayed, also due to the pandemic. While O2 users are already largely supplied with LTE in the Berlin underground, customers of other network operators only have fast Internet in certain areas.

“We have successfully expanded the 4G mobile network in the Berlin underground in the past few months and made significant progress here,” said a spokesman. “Due to further expansion and targeted capacity expansions, 4G use is also possible for customers of other network operators on more and more route sections.” In addition to the entire route of the U5, passengers are supplied with LTE on ever larger sections of the U2, U4, U6, U7, U8 and U9.


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