Realme GT2 Pro: smartphone with fisheye

The cameras stand out: For the high-end GT2 Pro smartphone, Realme uses a snap with a large angle of view and one that you can use to get very close.

 Realme GT2 Pro: smartphone with a fisheye

Who wants to sell smartphones for 750 euros and more , must offer something special: The camera setup of the Realme GT2 Pro is also noticeable among high-end smartphones. The manufacturer presented its new flagship for the first time at the MWC.

First of all, a triple camera is nothing unusual for a high-end smartphone. However, Realme has decided against the conventional recipe of a wide-angle main camera, telephoto and ultra-wide-angle. Instead, in addition to the optically stabilized 50-megapixel main camera, the GT2 Pro also has an ultra-wide angle with a picture angle of 150 degrees and a “micro camera”.

Main camera with Sony sensor

With a 150-degree angle of view, the Realme’s ultra-wide angle captures significantly more than the ultra-wide angles of most other smartphones, which typically shoot at 120-degree angles. Another exception is, for example, the OnePlus 10 Pro, which also enables recordings with a field of view of 150 degrees. On the one hand, this promises spectacular images, on the other hand, the large viewing angles of smartphones are usually associated with lower quality. The ultra-wide angles usually do not come close to the level of detail of the main cameras. We can’t yet say whether this applies all the more to the fisheye lenses, since we haven’t been able to try out the smartphones yet.

A microscope camera in a smartphone is unusual, but not entirely new. Oppo had already installed one of these in the Find X3 Pro. The setup is completed by an optically stabilized, wide-angle main camera. For these, Realme uses a 1/1.56″ sensor, the IMX 766 from Sony – another similarity with the Find X3 Pro. The sensor can now also be found in cheaper mid-range smartphones, such as the OnePlus Nord 2. Realme does without a telephoto camera.

Realme promises an exceptionally bright display

According to the manufacturer, the 6.7-inch OLED display of the Realme GT2 Pro shines with a maximum brightness of 1400 cd/m2 . That would make it as bright as the one in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, whose screen is the brightest we’ve measured in the lab to date. The display shows a maximum of 120 Hertz, the software can adapt the frame rate to the displayed content and, according to Realme, down to 1 Hertz. Other LTPO displays such as the one in the iPhone 13 Pro, on the other hand, always display at least 10 Hertz. The 3216 × 1440 pixels result in a point density of 525 dpi.

Inside the GT2 Pro, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 works, the depending on the configuration, uses up to 12 GB of main memory. The flash memory has a capacity of 128 or 256 GB and according to the data sheet cannot be expanded.

Smaller variant with Snapdragon 888

Apart from the Pro, Realme also presented the GT2. Compared to its big brother, this is somewhat reduced in terms of features. It works with the Snapdragon 888. Realme does not use LTPO technology for the 120 Hz OLED. Like the Pro, it is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery that can be charged with the included 65 watt power supply. The camera consists of a wide-angle main camera, an ultra-wide angle with a 120-degree field of view and a macro camera.

According to Realme 3, both devices that are delivered with Android 12 should receive 3 function updates to new Android versions and be provided with security patches for four years . For the GT2 Pro, which can be ordered from March 8th, the manufacturer calls for 749 euros in the variant with 8/128 GB, 12/256 cost 849 euros. The GT2 with 8/128 GB costs 549 euros, with 12/256 599 euros. It can be ordered from March 15th.

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