Rumor: New Apple Watch with temperature measurement

A well-informed journalist believes that the “Series 8” should come back with new health sensors after a long time. That could help with Corona, for example.

 Rumour: New Apple Watch with temperature measurement

Apple has been releasing its Apple Watch since the Series 6 from the Don’t miss any more new biometric sensors in 2020. The Series 7 didn’t have any hardware updates other than a slightly larger screen. That could change with the “Series 8”, which is expected in autumn.

Permanent fever measurement

That’s what the well-known Apple journalist Mark Gurman from the Bloomberg financial news agency claims to have found out . In his most recent newsletter, he writes, citing informed circles, that the new computer watch will be able to record the body temperature of the wearer for the first time. That would have a number of advantages: It would be possible to permanently measure whether there is a fever, which would enable, for example, corona or another disease that is associated with an increased body temperature to be detected early.

According to Gurman, the Sensor meanwhile passed Apple’s internal tests, which have been running for several months. The feature is now “good to go” for the end customer version. It is allegedly planned that the new sensor will be included in both the normal “Apple Watch Series 8” and a new sports or adventure variant of the computer watch for extreme sports fans.

Implementation in software and hardware

It is unclear how exactly the temperature measurement will be implemented – apparently a combination of hardware and software is planned. The measurement is probably done optically on the wrist. It remains to be seen whether this can be triggered manually – Gurman believes, however, that there will be no direct reading option, instead the watch should calculate an average value and then alert the user that he probably has a fever.

The big one The advantage of the Apple Watch is that it is worn over long distances during the day and can thus create a permanent picture of the measured values ​​- while a normal clinical thermometer is only used if you think you have a fever or to rule it out. Nothing has yet come through about the accuracy of the Apple sensor; the wrist is actually not used for usual fever measurements, instead the ear, forehead or anus. The temperature measurement could possibly also be interesting for sports tracking. The last sensor that Apple installed in the watch was a blood oxygen measurement in the Series 6, which is not without controversy because it seems to vary in accuracy.

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