Safari 16 supports web push notifications – even on iPhones

Apple’s browser will support the Push API standard in the future. This means that web apps can send push messages to iPhones and iPads for the first time.

 Safari 16 supports web push notifications - also on iPhones

Apple has promised support for web push messages in the Safari browser: Web apps and services can send users web push messages from the upcoming Safari version 16 – if this is explicitly requested. The notifications are delivered via the notification function of the operating system and also take place when the browser is not open. Apple is now using the cross-browser standards Push API, Notifications API and Service Worker.

Apple’s developer program is not required

The notifications are delivered by Apple’s push notification service. Unlike the previous “Safari Push Notifications”, web push notifications do not require membership in Apple’s paid developer program, as pointed out by the company. If web apps have already set up a push notification function for other browsers, it should also work with Safari – if the server-side requirements are met.

Apple sees several protective measures to minimize the misuse of push notifications before: Websites and web apps may only ask for permission for push notifications if the user has expressed his interest – for example by clicking on a button. The notification must then be approved again via a system dialog. Disruptive notifications can be switched off at any time via the system or Safari settings.

Web Push not until 2023 for iOS

Web apps are also not allowed to send silent push messages , for example to be able to carry out a background action. A message visible to the user must always be displayed, Apple emphasized to developers. After three push messages without notification, the consent is automatically withdrawn.

In the in Support for web push messages is built into the macOS 13 Ventura built-in beta of Safari 16, which is expected to be generally rolled out with the release of Safari 16 this fall. The new version of the browser is also expected to be released for macOS 12 Monterey and macOS 11 Big Sur at the same time.

Safari is also said to support Web Push on iPhones and iPads, but not until 2023. Apple has given a more specific date Not. With support for push notifications, websites and web apps get an additional core functionality that has always been reserved for iOS devices as native apps that have to be distributed via Apple’s App Store.

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