Servo: Mozilla’s experimental browser engine is moving to the Linux Foundation

The project for the open source web engine Servo will be hosted and maintained by the Linux Foundation in the future. The development goals remain the same.

 Servo: Mozilla's experimental browser engine moves to the Linux Foundation

The 2012 from Mozilla The Servo project that was launched migrates to the Linux Foundation. It’s time to “leave the nest,” writes the development team of the experimental Servo browser engine in the project’s own blog. The move will bring some organizational changes: Among other things, Servo will have its own project board and technical steering committee. The developers apparently see the new structures as an opportunity to shape the future of the collaborative project in a more targeted manner and to make it even easier for the community to get involved.

According to the Servo blog entry, the goals of the project are changing however nothing. They want to continue to provide a fast and secure browser engine with a highly modular structure that can be flexibly embedded in a large number of projects. The project has already had some successes in recent years: For example, frames from Mozilla’s “Project Quantum” 2017 components of the servo engine into the heavily modified web browser Firefox – including the CSS engine “Stylo”. More recently, Firefox also adopted the “WebRender” rendering engine for better performance. from Servo.

Optimism for the future

Servo’s move to the Linux Foundation follows a number of layoffs at Mozilla. The difficulty for Mozilla at the moment is, among other things, to reconcile more mundane things like product development and economic efficiency with a pronounced progressive value system and a strong community. The company must therefore inevitably focus more on products and profitability. As Alan Jeffrey of the Servo project told ITPro Today, this same refocusing also prompted the (collective) decision to house Servo at the Linux Foundation.

Despite this somewhat difficult framework, those involved seem to be looking ahead Consistently positive about the servo future: According to a post in Mozilla’s Hacks blog, Mozilla couldn’t be more proud and enthusiastic. The Linux Foundation offers optimal framework conditions for the project to develop its full potential. The senior vice president of the Linux Foundation, Mike Dolan, described Servo as (currently) the “most promising, modern and open web engine”, which has a lot to do with the use of the Rust programming language. The Foundation very much looks forward to supporting and sustaining work on this important project for decades to come.

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