Small but mighty: Watch YouTube videos with WatchTube on the Apple Watch

The WatchTube app is more than a proof of concept. On the go, it is a very useful alternative to the smartphone.

 Small but mighty: Watch YouTube videos with WatchTube on the Apple Watch

With a free app for the Apple Watch, the digital watch can be turned into a small YouTube player. WatchTube is still in the beta phase and is to be equipped with additional functions.

So absurd, for example, using the 1.61-inch display of the Apple Watch Series 7 to watch YouTube videos on the may seem at first glance: The app, which is available in the App Store, surprises with its many options and the quite respectable result. The sound is played back clearly via the watch’s built-in loudspeaker or can be heard via Bluetooth in even better quality with the AirPods.

Even showing subtitles is possible and worked without any problems in our test. The small size of the display is only unsuitable for videos that show very detailed images. However, the image can also be zoomed in a little.

Control with digital crown

Videos can be found – as usual on YouTube – via a feed with recommendations or a search function. Linking to your own Google account is currently not possible. The video player loads quickly and is independent of the iPhone, so the smartphone can be left at home. Volume and playback position can be changed by turning the digital crown.

You can even view some comments on the respective videos. And if you’re fed up with the small screen or want to recommend a video, you can display a QR code on the display for sharing.

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