So that Apple doesn’t read anything: SimpleX chat updated to version 3

In any case, the anonymity of the chat user should be preserved – and some of the new functions of SimpleX are implemented in a correspondingly complicated manner.

 So Apple doesn't read anything: SimpleX chat updated to version 3

As part of the latest version 3.0, SimpleX is expanding its log and associated apps. It is a chat software whose users can remain completely anonymous – the users explicitly do not have a unique global identity such as a telephone number or e-mail address.

The developers put a lot of work into it Client applications: The chat database can now be exported and imported again on another device. However, the project points out that users cannot use the same profile simultaneously or alternately on different clients. Furthermore, the database file is currently not encrypted – such internal encryption should be included in the future.

Anonymous iOS notifications

There is also an important new function for iOS, because the push Notifications are complete. Sounds simple, but data protection is also the top priority here: The notifications do not contain any information about contacts or the content of the chat – not even in encrypted form, so that no data ends up on Apple’s servers. Furthermore, a dedicated server is responsible for the notifications without having access to the actual notifications – and accordingly no conclusions can be drawn about users through correlated data traffic.

The iOS notifications made changes to SimpleX protocol required, but remains fully compatible with version 1.0.0: When communicating with an older client, the software simply switches to the latest common version of the protocol. In addition, SimpleX 3.0 should transmit messages much faster and require less computing power from the client.

Not finished yet: WebRTC video calls

The new end-to-end is still in an early stage -End-encrypted video calls based on WebRTC. The connection is established via a SimpleX relay server or directly peer-to-peer. In the future, users will optionally be able to configure their own servers for this purpose. All information about the update can be found in the release notes.

SimpleX only started at the beginning of 2022 with version 1.0.0, the terminal application was provided with apps for iOS and Android in March. Both the server and client programs appear as open source software. SimpleX differs from other free chat platforms such as Matrix in particular by the fact that it does not have a central identity, which the developers do not guarantee the anonymity of the users.

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