SoftMaker Office released for iOS

SoftMaker now also offers its three-part office package for iPad and iPhone. It is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store.

 SoftMaker Office for iOS released

The Nuremberg software provider SoftMaker has the final one Version of SoftMaker Office for iOS released after the package had been in public beta testing since late April. The word processor TextMaker, the spreadsheet PlanMaker and the presentation program Presentations can be downloaded individually from Apple’s App Store in slightly different versions for tablets and smartphones.

The ribbon interface of the iPad version is similar to that of the desktop versions of Softmaker Office . The commands of the symbol groups can be collapsed and expanded by tapping on them. The operating concept of the iPhone version is designed for use with one hand: A toolbar at the bottom edge of the screen presents all commands on the smartphone in a space-saving manner.

Because SoftMaker Office supports the Microsoft Office file formats DOCX, XLSX and PPTX natively supported, it offers extensive compatibility with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This also applies to the new iOS version of the package.

Texts like on the desktop

According to the manufacturer, the functionality of the TextMaker word processor corresponds to that of a full desktop word processor. TextMaker offers an automatic spell check in 20 languages ​​- however, unlike under Windows and macOS, the Duden Korrektor does not look for errors here. TextMaker comes with style templates for a chic layout and functions for tables and graphics. The professional functions include cross-references, footnotes, indexes and captions.

TextMaker for iOS stores documents in Microsoft’s DOCX format, so that data exchange with Microsoft Word 2007 to 2021 and Word 365 is secure. The text program also supports its own TMDX format as well as OpenDocument Text, RTF and HTML.

Calculate with Plan

PlanMaker for iOS helps with calculations, tables and diagrams. According to the manufacturer, the mobile app comes with over 430 Excel-compatible calculation functions and 80 Excel-compatible chart types. Thanks to syntax highlighting and a “detective” function, it should be easy to find errors in formulas.

Professional tools such as pivot tables, data tables and conditional formatting allow complex calculations to be carried out on the go. PlanMaker reads and writes files in the popular XLSX format from Microsoft Excel as well as in its own PMDX format.

Create presentations on the go

The presentation software Presentations for iOS is designed to handle PowerPoint files in Microsoft format Open PPTX faithfully and play all animations and slide transitions it contains, as well as faithfully reproduce multimedia elements such as sound clips, music and videos. Alternatively, slide collections can also be created in your own PRDX format.

In order to create and edit your own presentations, you can use the design templates and slide styles provided. The editing functions in this part of the package should also be just as extensive as in the Windows version.

Almost free

The three office applications have “a range of functions previously unknown under iOS”, shares the manufacturer with. Most of these functions should be permanently usable free of charge. However, some professional functions are reserved for paying customers. Users of one of the SoftMaker Office subscription versions – recognizable by the “NX” suffix – can also use them at no additional cost. You pay 30 euros per year for an NX home subscription and 50 euros for an NX universal subscription with Duden corrector.

Who uses the additional functions on an iPad or iPhone without such an NX subscription If you want to, you can subscribe to the iOS version of the Office package for 1.49 euros per month in the App Store via an in-app purchase. The new mobile version of SoftMaker Office requires iOS from version 14.0.

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