Sport version of the Apple Watch coming?

watchOS 9 clearly improves on the fitness features. Could this be a foreshadowing of a new watch model?

 Sports version of the Apple Watch coming up?

Is watchOS 9, Apple’s next operating system for the Apple Watch, a first sign of a new variant of the computer clock? Corresponding rumors are growing more and more.

Got sport

With the new software, Apple has made numerous improvements in the fitness area – especially for runners, but also for triathletes . In the future, the watch will calculate significantly more values ​​for training, including some for which other fitness trackers require their own sensors. The group devoted most of the watchOS 9 presentation at the WWDC 2022 developer conference in early June to the area of ​​sports. In addition, for the first time the watch can also be used as a complete sleep tracker without the need for extra software.

The fitness focus ensures that older rumors are flushed out again: that Apple is planning to release a “rugged” version of the Bringing computer clocks to market. This special variant of the “Apple Watch Series 8”, which is expected in autumn, could also be suitable for extreme sports – with a hardened case and a bracelet specially made for these applications. The well-known Apple journalist Mark Gurman from the financial news agency Bloomberg already said in 2021 that Apple was planning an “Explorer” or “Adventurer” edition of its computer watch.

Nike watches already exist

There are already special sports versions of the Apple Watch – they run under the Nike logo. In terms of hardware, however, they only have minor differences compared to the regular models. For example, Apple supplies exclusive wristbands with the Nike logo (which you can often buy later), special dials with a “Swoosh” and preconfigured tracking options for Nike software. There would easily be a gap for a rugged version.

Observers on YouTube think that the preview of watchOS is always a first look at the upcoming Apple Watch generation – and since Apple is focusing heavily on fitness this time sets, this is a sign for a corresponding watch. In addition to a hardened case, Apple could also improve the device’s water resistance. A corresponding patent from Apple recently appeared, which describes watches with up to 20 ATM, which are also intended for diving.

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