Stage Manager: windowing on the iPad mini would work

Apple only reserves its new window management for M1 tablets. This would also be acceptable on the small iPad, as a test shows.

 Stage Manager: windowing on the iPad mini would work

Apple steadfastly refuses to announce the new Stage Manager feature for iPadOS 16, with which you can make the tablet (even) more of a full computer replacement, on all current devices. Instead, an M1 iPad – either an iPad Pro M1 or an iPad Air 5 – is mandatory. However, a test has now shown that the technology could even work well on a compact iPad mini 6.

Window small too

The iPad manufacturer states that they need Stage Manager the M1 SoC is mandatory, for example to be able to switch quickly between the maximum possible eight programs. Software boss Craig Federighi referred to the M1’s exclusive “Virtual Memory Swap” feature (VMS). Confusingly, however, this is not available on the smallest iPad Air 5, although it supports Stage Manager. It has also become known that there is an internal switch that can also be used to activate the feature on non-M1 iPads – but currently only from Apple.

The Apple blog 9to5Mac has now demonstrated in an experiment that how Stage Manager could work on the iPad mini 6, which “only” has an 8.3-inch screen. The iOS simulator showed that Stage Manager can also be used in this format – at least in relation to the display size.

Simulator shows: It works

For an advanced multitasking experience the iPad mini 6 is actually a bit small. But if you don’t work with too many windows (or apps), this still works properly according to experience. Even now, the smallest iPad can use features like Split View and Slide Over, which also take up space. It even seems natural that individual apps become separate windows that can be positioned freely. Three windows in parallel can be used reasonably, alternatively one large window and one compact one.

The good look of Stage Manager in the resolution of the iPad mini 6 should actually inspire Apple to offer the function for the small one as well release tablet. However, it doesn’t look like it at the moment. Angry tongues claim that the exclusivity should ensure that more M1 iPads are sold. However, no one outside of the group has yet seen Stage Manager on non-M1 devices. Accordingly, it cannot be said how bad the performance would be on these. Apple pointed out that Stage Manager doesn’t work as well as one would like on this hardware.

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