SUSE buys Rancher, wants to make history at companies worldwide

Rancher Labs is now part of SUSE. With the takeover, the company appears to be primarily targeting a competitor: Red Hat.

 SUSE buys Rancher, wants to make history with companies worldwide

The acquisition began in July, now it is complete: Rancher Labs is now part of SUSE. With this step, the company now offers Rancher’s management platform for Kubernetes clusters in addition to its software products for enterprise Linux SLES.

According to CEO Melissa Di Donato, SUSE would take over Rancher “making history again”. The claim behind it: Customers could “rely on reliability and unmatched agility to innovate everywhere – from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond.”

On the occasion of the announcement of the takeover, SUSE also spoke of a “first step in the framework of the inorganic growth strategy”. The provider has been pursuing this since it has belonged to the financial investor EQT Partners. The latter had bought the company from Micro Focus in March 2019.

The announcement of the final acquisition makes it clear who this growth strategy is targeting: Red Hat should fear that Rancher will be taken over by SUSE. Sheng Liang, former CEO of Rancher and new President of Engineering and Innovation at SUSE, said, “Together, we are determined to make a meaningful impact on corporate business around the world.” More details on these ambitions can be found at Forbes in an article paid for by SUSE.

Asked to SUSE’s statements , Jan Wildeboer, Red Hat’s EMEA Evangelist, told iX: “We continue to see great interest and significant growth for OpenShift. Thanks to the cooperation with IBM, new opportunities open up for us every day.” He is also pleased that SUSE and Rancher “remain committed to keeping everything open source.”

At the same time, SUSE does not confirm announcements of an IPO, but does not close one either explicitly: As a company, you are constantly looking for new growth paths. However, company policy would prohibit commenting on market rumors or speculation.

[Update 12/03/2020 12:00:] Ivo Totev, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, says to iX: “SUSE and Rancher offer the most open open source solutions for mission-critical use in the data center, in the cloud and for edge computing. Our customers can rest assured that we will support a variety of hardware and software platforms, including third-party Kubernetes platforms, now and in the future. With this approach, customers can compose the best solutions for their needs and are not forced to implement monolithic and inflexible suites. This approach sets SUSE fundamentally apart from its competitors.”

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