Thursday: Twitter fined millions, card payments disrupted nationwide

Musk refunds for penalized Twitter + card terminal issues + pros & Disadvantages of school iPads + Vettel tracks AirPods + Lower Saxony promotes AI

 Thursday: Million fine for Twitter, card payment banned nationwide ;rt

Twitter doesn’t stay out of the headlines. In addition to problems with the takeover by Elon Musk, who is currently shifting his financing for this, the platform is facing data protection allegations from the US government and is therefore paying $ 150 million. In Germany, however, he could not pay by card, because due to software problems with payment terminals, card payments are currently not possible in many places. This is not due to digital education with iPads, but Apple’s spread in schools has both advantages and disadvantages – the most important messages at a glance.

Twitter, according to allegations by the US Government contact information from users is used for advertising. This now costs the online service 150 million US dollars. With this fine payment, Twitter settles a privacy lawsuit. Meanwhile, Elon Musk continues to work on the acquisition of the platform and is rearranging his budget for it. Twitter co-founder and ex-boss Jack Dorsey should also be involved, so that the chances of a takeover increase: Twitter fines after data protection allegations, Musk shifts financing.

Final payments in the millions are hardly done by card, but could not be done in this country at the moment. Because since Tuesday morning there have been disruptions in payment transactions with credit cards, Girocards (formerly EC cards) and other debit cards in Germany. According to the current status, this is a Germany-wide disruption of the widespread H5000 payment terminal from the manufacturer Verifone. Payment in cash is in demand, because card payment is sometimes not possible: nationwide disruption causes trouble.

If in discussions about digital education of tablet classes, the In most cases they are equipped with iPads from Apple. This development is seen not uncritically: After all, Apple is a high-revenue company with clear sales and marketing interests for its products and – perhaps more importantly – operating concepts, so that adolescents could prefer Apple devices in the future. But why is that and what advantages or disadvantages do they offer for digital education? Why iPads are so widespread in German schools.

It is not known whether Formula 1 racing driver Sebastian Vettel was trained on iPads, but recently he did it himself in Barcelona made the hunt for thieves on his Apple products. According to reports in the Spanish media, his AirPods and Apple’s “Where is?” app helped him track a backpack that was stolen from his Aston Martin and was found at a short stop in front of a hotel. However, the criminals turned out to be clever: AirPods help racing driver Vettel in the search for thieves.

The state government Lower Saxony wants to use artificial intelligence in almost all areas of public life improve and means above all a “human-centered AI” that creates trust. To this end, a wide variety of AI projects are to be funded, for example to relieve nursing staff with robots, to warn of floods with algorithms or to guard the stable with sensors: Lower Saxony is funding artificial intelligence with 350 million euros.

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