Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone: Apple provides free tool

Apple and WhatsApp now support transferring Messenger history from Android to iOS. This makes a switch much easier.

 Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone: Apple provides free tool

The WhatsApp Moving from Android to iPhone is becoming much easier: WhatsApp and Apple announced an official transfer function on Tuesday to transfer the entire chat history across operating system boundaries. Apple is introducing a new version of the “Transfer to iOS” migration app for this purpose. ready, which is offered in the Google Play Store. In conjunction with a new beta version of WhatsApp, it also enables the entire WhatsApp database to be migrated when the operating system is switched and the iPhone is initially set up. In addition to text messages, this should also include photos, videos and voice messages.

End-to-end encryption should be preserved

 Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone: Apple Delivers Free Tool

It’s one of the most requested features for WhatsApp, said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The end-to-end encryption of the messages is preserved during transmission. The data of the WhatsApp database from Android to iOS is transferred via a direct WiFi connection between the two devices. Apple also emphasized that it would not have any insight into WhatsApp data during the transfer process.

Apple does not currently offer a wired migration option. The Transfer to iOS app should also transfer SMS messages, contacts, photos and videos, files, bookmarks, mail accounts, settings and calendar – as well as free apps that are available for both platforms. The necessary new WhatsApp version is to be provided as a beta and will be rolled out to all users within about a week.

Changing operating systems will be easier

Google offers a similar tool for Android users to make the transition from iOS easier. Since autumn 2021, the move of WhatsApp data from iPhones to the first Android devices has also been supported as part of Android 12. The official migration method supported by WhatsApp as well as iOS and Android makes the switch between operating systems much easier. So far, the WhatsApp move from Android to iOS was only possible with sometimes obscure, fee-based tools and effort.

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