Vodafone 5G Perfume: Honey, I think this smells like EDGE

Vodafone’s 5G Solitaire perfume aims to exude the magic of real time. Why do network operators have to rub something like that in your face?

 Vodafone 5G Perfume: Honey, I think this smells like EDGE

For all those for whom network coverage with 5G mobile communications is not really working, there is now at least the opportunity to pollinate yourself with it. Vodafone has introduced a 5G perfume. Under the name 5G-Solitaire, the network operator promises full-bodied promises that it will spread the magic of real-time and strong signals.

So if you’re fed up with empty expansion promises, can at least get a taste of the future, which has long been the norm in many other European countries. But the German telecommunications companies are proving time and again that they have the right instinct for what really matters. In the case of 5G, according to Vodafone, these are stimulating, slightly sweet aniseed oils and sultana essences, the spiciness of white pepper with various flower extracts, the radiant sweetness of Indian calamus, the fruity freshness of English rhubarb and a honeyed hint of French lilies. The whole thing is rounded off by a spicy frankincense resin in the base note.

Of course, the competition is ahead in the race for mobile phone scents: Five years ago, Telekom presented her fragrance called “Love Magenta”. Fragrance marks are also set in the hardware sector: Apple fans let themselves be drawn through their fine olfactory organs a year ago to smell the aroma of a freshly assembled Mac .

It almost seems as if Vodafone wanted to literally poke people’s noses at what 5G is all about in Germany: a sometimes ephemeral pleasure, often gone with the wind. But maybe the bottle also has the magic of fairy dust and suddenly 5G mobile phone masts are growing all over the place. Malicious tongues, however, claim that such a scent is suitable for leading people by the nose.

And indeed: At first there are no external sales of the house fragrance. The “Eau de Futur” therefore only exists on paper for parts of society. What else does that remind us of? And shouldn’t a mobile phone scent in this country actually be called “A touch of EDGE” name?


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