Whatsapp should no longer run on iPhones with iOS 10 and 11 from October

Apparently, WhatsApp will soon only run on Apple’s iPhones with iOS 12 or later. There had already been rumors half a year ago.

 Whatsapp should no longer run on iPhones with iOS 10 and 11 from October

People with iPhone users should make sure which version of the iOS operating system they are running their device with. As WABetainfo reports, Whatsapp plans to only run its services on iPhones with iOS version 12 or later.

Users whose iPhones are running iOS 10 or 11 would look down the drain accordingly , if you want to continue using Whatsapp. Specifically, the changeover is scheduled to take place on October 24 of this year.

For Whatsapp users with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, for example, this would mean that they would have to update their iOS version. Those who still have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C in operation could no longer use Whatsapp because iOS 12 is not available for these devices.

First rumors as early as the end of 2021

There were rumors at the end of last year that Whatsapp could no longer run on iPhones with the iOS 10 operating system or older. Above all, users had spread this information. At that time, the usually well-informed WABetainfo classified via its Twitter channel that this information was incorrect and had no basis. Now, half a year later, the same news site is reporting that iOS 10 users will also be hit by iOS 11.

The following information can be read on the Whatsapp support page: “Before we stop supporting your operating system, you’ll be notified directly in WhatsApp ahead of time and reminded a few times to upgrade .” In a figurative sense, this means that users are informed directly via Whatsapp if the operating system is no longer supported – in good time and with repeated reminders.

iPhone 14 and iOS 16 cast their shadows ahead

For classification: The iPhone 14 and the iOS 16 operating system are currently casting their shadows. Irrespective of the news, it might be time to switch to a newer operating system, at least version 12.


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