Why the next CarPlay is preparing the Apple Car

In 2023 there should be a version of iPhone integration for cars that takes over the entire vehicle control. One author is certain: this is only the beginning.

 Why the next CarPlay is preparing the Apple Car

Among the biggest surprises of the in The announcement of a completely new version of the iPhone vehicle integration CarPlay was one of the highlights of the Apple developer conference WWDC, which ended last week. It should be able to take over the entire dashboard of a car – so it is not only available in the entertainment system, but also becomes the interface for the entire vehicle control. According to a new report, this could be a foretaste of Apple’s first own car to appear in the coming years.

CarPlay for everything from 2024

The new interface is not yet ready – Apple only gave a brief preview of WWDC, saying it would be announced in late 2023. This means that the first cars with the technology should not be on the road until 2024 – although it is still completely unclear which brands they use at all. So far, CarPlay has been limited to certain functions, although it can now send navigation data to the area of ​​​​the speed display (“Second Display”), but lives mainly on the screen of the entertainment system. Vehicle manufacturers usually see the interface of their car as a key sales feature, so Tesla, for example, does not even allow CarPlay in its models. The takeover of the entire system by Apple must therefore first be made palatable to the manufacturers.

As Mark Gurman from the financial news agency Bloomberg writes in his most recent newsletter, the new, improved CarPlay could form the basis of an operating system for cars ( “carOS”). The early preview serves to put pressure on vehicle manufacturers to implement the software. She is ‘completely customizable’ and can control everything that you are used to in a car – from the speedometer to the radio to the air conditioning. Widgets are also possible – for example for controlling Apple’s HomeKit smart home technology. Currently, Apple does not charge any fees from vehicle manufacturers for CarPlay, which could change with a “carOS” but change, writes Gurman. Meanwhile, Apple’s marketing chief Greg Joswiak emphasized in an interview that the new CarPlay allows vehicle manufacturers to “express their brand”. That is not possible with the current CarPlay.

Great success for Apple

In fact, the current CarPlay, which only works with a connected iPhone, has quickly become widespread – hardly any manufacturer offers it not at least for retrofitting. Google is also in the process of upgrading Android Auto to a full car operating system. Apple recently brought its Apple Watch manager Kevin Lynch into the car project. He restructured the team and also brought in employees from the watch group. Deadlines are now being met and Apple has “some of the best design minds in the auto industry” in the team that worked on the appearance of the ‘Apple Car’ worked.

Apple is currently in the process of sounding out the supply chain for vehicle parts and the actual production. It is therefore conceivable that a “carOS” comes, which is also offered to other vehicle manufacturers – and also works without a connected iPhone – and then finally ‘still this decade’ introduce the actual car. However, it is doubtful whether it will still work in 2025, even if an announcement could be made by then, Gurman continues.


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