Windows Server: Six-monthly releases are no longer necessary

In the future, Windows Server will only have LTSC releases every two to three years. SAC versions will no longer appear for the upcoming 2022 version.

Starting with Windows Server 2022, Microsoft is reorganizing its support: The new and all future operating systems can only be used by users as LTSC Releases (Long-Term Servicing Channel). You get five years of mainstream support and an additional five years of extended support.

SAC releases (Semi-Annual Channel), however, will be discontinued completely by Microsoft in the long term. However, existing systems will continue to receive support, the latest Windows Server 20H2, for example, until October 2022. A table on this can be found in the announcement.

New versions of the Windows Server appeared in the SAC every six months. According to Microsoft, they were primarily intended for cloud use around containers and microservices. Azure Stack HCI, which is also available as Release 20H2, serves comparable purposes.

So far, the LTSC updates have summarized new functions and updates of the SAC from the meantime together. At the same time, Microsoft emphasizes that the Windows Server should, as usual, receive a new version every two to three years as part of the LTSC.

Microsoft announced Windows Server 2022 in March 2021, and it should be released by the end of the year . In addition to new security functions, the linking of the Azure cloud with the on-premises systems is on the agenda.

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