Windows update preview: Microsoft fixes hotspot bugs

The update preview for Windows 11 brings many small improvements. Microsoft also fixes the problem that the WLAN hotspot cannot be used.

 Windows update preview: Microsoft fixes hotspot errors

Before Microsoft distributes updates on the official patch day, hosted the manufacturer a test round in the form of an optional update preview. In the update preview for the upcoming patch day, the developers have, among other things, fixed the problem that the WiFi hotspot was no longer usable.

For the problem that devices with ARM processors after importing the June patches could no longer register with Azure Active Directory (AAD), Microsoft had already released emergency updates. However, there were other problems with the patches. The Release Health website listed, for example, that the Internet connection breaks off when the Wifi hotspot is activated. The programmers have now corrected the error in the update preview for Windows 11.

The list of changes in the update is long. Microsoft particularly emphasizes that the search highlights now show information about special features of a day, such as public holidays or anniversaries. Consecutive video clips could no longer be played in some DirectX 12 games prior to the update. Also, some games that used the XAudio API for sound effects stopped running. Without the update, some Bluetooth audio devices could no longer connect to the computer after a Windows restart.

Also security-related changes

However, the update has some security-related improvements Offer. Microsoft supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 in Windows clients and servers for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). To improve security audits, Windows Remote Management (WinRM) now logs IP addresses on more events. This applies in particular to Powershell connections from the network. The encryption used between the SMB client and server can now be configured using Powershell.

More details can be found in the Microsoft support article on the update preview. Users can search for available updates by calling up Windows Update in the settings. The optional update then appears there and can be applied to the computer by clicking on “Download now” or “Install now”.

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