WWDC 2022: Apple’s Photos app is gradually getting better

Editing steps can be copied to other photos in the future. Sensitive images are protected. What else is new in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS.

 WWDC 2022: Apple's Photos app is gradually getting better

In iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, Apple is adding a number of useful features to the Photos app. Users are automatically shown duplicate photos. Hidden and deleted photos can be protected from being accessed by others. And there are some improvements when editing photos.

Finding duplicates

Anyone who has lost track of their large photo library and imported photos twice can easily use the new Duplicate Detection save some disk space. The function is available in the new versions of the operating systems that will be released in autumn under “Albums” and then at the bottom of the list under “Other” to find. Users can easily merge two duplicate images with a button.

Most of the deleted photos end up with failed snapshots that the user would like to get rid of. But sometimes pictures end up there that not everyone should see. This is especially true for the hidden photos in the media library. In the new software versions, these are therefore automatically provided with an access lock. If you want access, you have to log in using Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode.

More convenience when editing photos

There are also useful improvements when editing photos. In the future, Apple will make it possible for individual editing steps to be undone or repeated. So far, the undo button resets the entire post-processing of a photo – but sometimes the user only wants to undo a single step that went wrong. For example, the new features are available in in iOS 16 via new buttons on the top left.

It is also practical in Apple’s new software versions that change steps can be copied in the future and transferred to other images. This is useful if, for example, images in a series are to be given a certain post-processing. To do this, users tap on the three dots in the top right corner on the iPhone and select “Copy changes”. out. The step is similar for the image to be processed accordingly. A button called “Apply changes” will then appear in the menu.

Other changes

In addition, Apple now offers a new sorting option for recognized people. These can be sorted alphabetically in the future. There are also extensions to the memories. In the new versions, however, users can now switch them off completely if they don’t like them.

The new operating systems will be released in autumn. After the presentation at the keynote of the WWDC developer conference, they can already be tested as beta versions. These are initially available to registered developers. A public beta will follow in the summer for anyone interested.


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