WWDC 2022 preview: What to expect and not to expect from Apple’s keynote

iOS 16, macOS 13 & Co. plus fresh Macs: That’s not all that could come to the developer conference. Apple’s mixed reality headset isn’t off the table either.

 WWDC 2022 Preview: What to expect and what not to expect from Apple's keynote

Upcoming Whit Monday, June 6th, the time has come: Apple invites you to the World Wide Developers Conference 2022. The event is not only important for developers, but also for normal Apple customers: In addition to the presentation of new operating systems, fresh hardware could also come . Mac & i provides an overview of the possibilities – including the question of whether Apple’s mixed reality future is finally starting.

Semi-virtual event

Once again, the WWDC mainly virtually on the web, which also applies to the important keynote with Tim Cook and colleagues, which takes place on Monday at 7 p.m. Central European Time, which corresponds to 10 a.m. local time. Only on the first day of the conference will there be a Public Viewing in Apple Park for selected developers – for the first time Since 2019, external parties have been allowed to come back to the iPhone manufacturer in Cupertino for the WWDC.

The focus of every WWDC is always the software. For example, it is already certain that iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13 as well as watchOS 9 and tvOS 16 will be shown. All operating systems will be available as developer beta after the keynote, and a little later – probably in July – then also as public beta. A release can then be expected in September (iOS and Co.) or October (macOS).

The new operating systems

From iOS 16 will include a new lock screen, interactive widgets, a revised health app and new audio and social Networking features expected for the Messages app. iPadOS 16 will probably be even more “laptop-like” be, with a significantly improved window management. macOS 13, which might be “Mammoth” In other words, expect various app redesigns and revised system settings.

watchOS 9 could introduce a new low-power mode and revise the fitness tracking as well as bring an adapted operating concept (e.g. with the app switcher). Little has gotten through to tvOS 16 so far. Apple could also screw on HomePod OS. It has already been announced that Apple will further improve the operating aids in its operating systems – these include live captions for video, audio and communication (including the ability to type answers), a mirror mode for the Apple Watch that allows the computer clock to be controlled by an iPhone, and door detection for iPhone and iPad with LIDAR.

New hardware – or not?

New hardware is always expected at WWDC – although there have already been keynotes at developer conferences that focus entirely on software. This year, the rumor mill is not entirely unanimous. The announcement of new MacBook Air models has been expected for some time, which were last renewed in 2020 with M1 chips but still use the design of their Intel predecessors. Apple could also use an “M2” chip here for the first time. Most recently were the devices at Apple itself sold out until the end of July or beginning of August, but this also goes hand in hand with current delivery problems. But other Macs are easier to get.

A new Mac Pro with Apple Silicon has also been awaited for a long time.The manufacturer wants to present this in 2022 to complete the ARM transition . However, there have been no fresh rumors about this for a long time. The MacBook Pro with 13 inches in the old look and the Mac mini for an overhaul – and also a new iMac Pro is hoped for by some observers. Such products could be Apple – just like revised MacBook -Pro models with 14 and 16 inches – but also only show in autumn.

Mixed reality headset as the highlight?

But the most exciting question of the WWDC 2022 is whether Apple will unveil a mixed reality project it’s been pursuing for years — a $2,000-$3,000 pro headset that’s capable of both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). There were first positive signals here. Apple is said to have already presented the hardware to its supervisory board – something that usually only happens with almost finished products . Furthermore, Apple has currently secured trademark rights for a new AR/VR operating system called realityOS.

An introduction to WWDC 2022 would also make sense because developers could then better prepare their own apps for the new platform. However, observers, who are often accurate, recently said that Apple would rather wait wool. One argument: The group does not want to reveal the hardware in advance in order to prevent the competition from replicating it. However, the group had always made announcements months in advance for other important product launches such as the Apple Watch or the iPhone.

Whatever comes at WWDC 2022: Mac & As always, i and heise online report live and directly. There will be a live ticker for the keynote from 7 p.m. – followed by an after-show talk as a live stream, in which all the innovations will be discussed by the editorial experts.


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